Population: 8019

Harroway Ward

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Harroway is located on the Western side of the Andover Town Council Area. The population figures are for 2015 from Hampshire County Council's -Based Small Area Population Forecasts (SAPF).


The ward of Harroway is one of five wards that make up the town of Andover. Harroway covers 278 hectares and is located on the western edge of Andover in the north of Test Valley.

Nature of Ward

The ward is diverse in nature, containing residential areas, open space and East Portway Industrial Estate.


The population density of Harroway is 25.48 people per hectare which is higher than the borough average of 10.56, but lower than the most densely populated ward which at 45.7 is Tadburn. Harroway is the fifth most densely populated ward in the borough.