Population: 7,855

Winton Ward

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The Winton Ward is located in the South East Corner of the Andover Town Council Area. The population figures are for 2015 from Hampshire County Council's -Based Small Area Population Forecasts (SAPF).


Winton covers 402 hectares in the north of Test Valley and is one of five wards that make up the town of Andover.

Nature of Ward

Winton ward is primarily a settled and well-established residential area, with no new large scale development in recent times. It includes the edge of Andover Town Centre and a few commercial / industrial areas of note, such as Anton Trading Estate, Asda and Lloyds TSB (Keen's House).


The population density of Winton is 18.62 people per hectare, higher than the borough average of 10.56. Winton is the seventh most densely populated ward in the borough.