Coronavirus update

Date: 24th March, 2020

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the latest advice given out by the Government, the management of the Andover Town Council allotment sites will be adjusted.

Following the Government update on 31/03/2020 and the ongoing situation with COVID-19, all group NAS meetings have been cancelled with immediate effect and will be reviewed on the 30th June 2020. This is a worldwide unprecedented and challenging time for so many people and of course the health and safety of our members, volunteers, and staff remains our number one priority.

As a Council we will be facing restrictions over the coming weeks as to what we are capable of doing in terms of maintenance and repairs that might be needed. We will try and rectify these issues when we can, but it might be necessary in the mean time for Allotment Associations to come up with short term solutions themselves. Many Associations have taken decisions to cancel plot inspections, seed swaps, association trips and annual judging; scheduled Committee meetings and AGM’s have also been postponed. 

*It is now time to consider working your plot in isolation, i.e. NOT with household members and if you can stay away from your plot(s) for a few weeks to do so.
* It is important that any plot-holders over 70 years and those with underlying health issues follow the guidance and information issued by the Government.
* Any plot-holder who is self isolating because a household member is ill with corona-virus should not be visiting the site.
* Associations should display an advice notice on their boards.
* It is important that anyone attending the allotment takes care to stay the appropriate distance from others, avoid body contact and wash hands at taps, do not wash hands or use detergents in the water tanks and     please pay attention to notice boards.
* DO NOT gather together for a chat even if you are 2 metres apart.
* Members should take the following precautionary measures :

• Keep hand sanitiser in your shed and wash your hands regularly
• Use hand sanitiser before opening and closing any gate locks
• Observe “Social Distancing” with each other 2-3 metres
* If you take your children to the plot, ensure that they stay within its confines and do not run around on communal paths and spaces.
• Do not share tools
• Minimise the contact with each other for example no handshakes
• Do not wash your hands in water troughs
• All toilet facilities on Allotment Sites are now closed for the foreseeable future and MUST NOT be used under any circumstances.

* It is essential that no un-authorised people are allowed onto the plots for the duration of this emergency.

It would be a good idea for Associations to give out a telephone or email address for anyone with problems to allow contact. Perhaps a Buddy System that provided weeding and watering assistance on the plots of gardeners who cannot get to the plot due to long term self isolation could be set up.

Hopefully this should all be over soon and the sites can be back to normal quickly.
If you have any questions, please email

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.