Garden Share in Andover

Date: 1st February, 2013

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Andover Garden Share is an alternative choice for people looking for an allotment to grow fruit and vegetables near where they live. Applicants are matched with suitable offers of private garden spaces. A plot can be anywhere around Andover, giving a choice of locations and types of gardens. Some plots are quite small so easier to maintain and could suit a working person with limited time. It is called garden share because the crop is shared in return for the use of the ground, and is a concept that came from the Transition Town groups and is based on the grower and the person owning the garden forming a working partnership.

Other towns emphasise aspects that appeal to the people in their area. ( eg Wandsworth, a borough in London, do it to help the elderly and isolated, Macclesfield do it to help produce more food, Romsey do it as part of the Transition idea of being more resourceful and working more as a community)
The garden share scheme has been set up by Transition Town Andover.
Transition Town are looking for volunteers to be share gardeners as there are gardens waiting for a match at the moment.

If you are interested in the Garden Share Scheme please call Amanda on 01264 771175.

Garden Share Scheme

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