Picket Piece Allotment Site

Date: 15th January, 2020

Today we sent a letter / email to all of those who are on our waiting list for this site. 15th January 2020. This is to get engagement from people to make sure they are still wanting to remain on the waiting list as the list has been open for a long time, we require confirmation from the public. Responses accepted until 18th February 2020 - after this date anyone who is on the current list and has not responded will be removed for GDPR purposes.


To whom it concerns,

It is with great delight I am contacting you to advise we are nearing the end of the construction phase of the new allotment site at ‘The Ox Drove’ near Locksbridge Park. We have had huge interest and as such the waiting list has grown in size over the 5 years.

Due to the location of the site & the gradient of the land we have managed to fit 11 plots onto this site, which I understand will disappoint those who are not at the top of the waiting list.

I appreciate that in 5 years a lot can change, people move out the area, priorities change and the need for an allotment can go. Therefore, the reason for my correspondence is to obtain confirmation from you that you are still wanting to remain on the waiting list for this site.

Please contact us by telephone or email to confirm that you do indeed wish to remain on this list.

I would ask you confirm back to the office by Friday 28th February 2020. If we do not hear back from you, we will make the assumption you no longer wish to be contacted regarding this new allotment site & your details removed from our systems.

Yours Sincerely,

Nikki Barber