The Ox Drove Allotments

Date: 16th October, 2019

We will be updating all our Andover residents on the progress being made at The Ox Drove allotment site, as and when we receive updates from the developers.

Andover Residents are eagerly awaiting updates on the progress being made at our newest site ‘The Ox Drove’. We will be using this page to regularly update you all on the progress being made as and when it happens! 
As of October 2019, we are nearing the final stages of the allotment site being completed, which is very exciting for all involved. We hope that within the next few months the piece of land will be handed back over to Andover Town Council and we can begin the process of allocating plots to those who are registered on the waiting list.

We would like to be clear, at this stage there is a very large waiting list for this site & as a result there will be disappointment for some people. The Developer has been able to fit 11 plots on this particular site, making it a very small allotment in comparison to others in Andover. For those who will be allocated plots on this site it will be a fantastic, close knit community once established!

Updates to follow, on this page as and when we have them.