Emergency Andover Town Council Funding Policy

Date: 1st April, 2020

The Town Council’s policy for Emergency Funding This Policy will only be applicable during the Coronavirus Crisis (Dated from March 2020) Once the unprecedented circumstances return to normal, the Policy and Emergency Funding will cease.

The Town Council’s policy for Emergency Funding
This Policy will only be applicable during the Coronavirus Crisis (Dated from March 2020)
Once the unprecedented circumstances return to normal, the Policy and Emergency Funding will cease.

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1 General Principles 3
2 Purpose 3
3 Policy Objectives 3
4 General Conditions 3
5 Funding will not be provided for the following… 4
6 Who can apply for an Andover Town Council Emergency Funding 4
7 What types of projects will be considered 4
8 Who cannot apply for Andover Town Council Emergency Funding 4
9 How to apply for Andover Town Council Emergency Funding 5
10 Audit and Review 6
11 Document Information 6
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1. General Principles

Andover Town Council is only funded by the local residents of Andover and therefore has funds available to assist community organisations during the Coronavirus Crisis, currently £10,000.

The Town Council can only award funding using certain legal powers. Where there is no statutory power specific to the activity of the funding application, the Council can use Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 to give funding to community associations. These powers can only be used if they will benefit some or all of the residents of Andover or some or all of the area and where the benefit obtained is commensurate with the expenditure incurred.

Subject to funding being available, Andover Town Council is committed to providing assistance and support to local community groups which are set up to assist the community of Andover during the Coronavirus Crisis. The Council’s financial support is provided by way of funding which is decided against conditions set by Andover Town Council. They are designed to be a general indication of need but are not exclusive and can be flexibly applied.

The Town Council’s Policy on Emergency Funding is based on the principle of assisting the residents of Andover during the Coronavirus Crisis.

In general, the following principles apply:

• Funding will be given on a need basis, merit of the project and overall benefit to the local community.
• Applicants must clearly show how any assistance given will benefit the people living in Andover.
• Funding will normally only be awarded up to a maximum value of £500.00, depending on the Council’s budget allocation and may be subject to constraint.
• All funding given will be subject to monitoring and evaluation of the outcome of the project or activity.
• Organisations should be aware that the Emergency Funding will only be available during the Coronavirus Crisis.
2. Purpose

The purpose for which the funding is made must be in the interest of the Andover area or any part of it or some or all of the inhabitants of the Parish of Andover, which is defined by the boundaries of the Town Council. The benefit to the area must be commensurate with the expenditure.
The critical words are ‘some or all’ – in both cases. This means that the Town Council cannot award funding to individuals and cannot award funding where the activity would not obviously benefit the Andover parish area – however worthy the project might be.

Grants must meet the Town Council’s funding criteria and applications must be made on the Town Council’s application form. Details on how to apply for a grant are set out below.
3. General Conditions

1. All projects must acknowledge Andover Town Council’s financial contribution. The Town Council’s logo will be provided.
2. No funding will be available to contribute to a surplus for a charitable contribution or to increase an organisation’s reserves.
3. Funding will be awarded to voluntary groups and societies, clubs, not-for-profit organisations, charities operating in the Andover area where the benefit will be for this area alone.
4. Funding will not be awarded to regional or national charities unless there is a specific need in the Andover area where there will be an obvious benefit.
5. Funding will not be awarded to or for any commercial venture or private gain.
6. Retrospective applications will not be funded where the expenditure has been made, the project has been carried out, or the activity has taken place.
7. On completion of the project or activity, all funding recipients are required to provide the Town Council with a brief report, of how the funding has been used, how it has assisted the organisation or group and what it has achieved. This must be submitted within two months of the completion of the project or activity.
8. If the funding is not spent or funds remain after the project, the recipient or organisation will be required to repay the remaining monies back to the Town Council.

4. Who can apply for Andover Town Council Emergency Funding?

• Voluntary groups, not for profit organisations, incorporated clubs and societies who:

• Have a constitution or set of rules or equivalent.
• Have a bank or building society account.
• Contribute to emergency assistance of Andover residents or the environment of Andover during the Coronavirus Crisis.
• Schools within the Parish of Andover, in relation to their wider community role.

5. Who cannot apply for an Andover Town Council Emergency Funding?

• Individuals.
• Organisations involved in party political activities.
• Companies who aim to make a profit.
• Statutory bodies.
• Religious groups.
6. How much can I apply for?

• The maximum amount of funding will be up to £500.00.
• In exceptional circumstances, where an application demonstrates significant benefit to the Coronavirus Crisis assistance in Andover, a larger grant may be considered.
• Up to 75% of the cost of the project or activity. 
7. What is not allowed to be applied for?
Funding will not be provided for:

• Costs for general routine maintenance of buildings and equipment.
• Organisations to pass funding directly onto other organisations or individuals.
• Organisations who already hold surplus funds and which are not being used for the general operation of the organisation or delivery of the project and are not earmarked reserves.

8. What type of projects and activities will be considered?

All projects and activities that assist with the response to the Coronavirus Crisis for the residents of Andover will be considered. 

9. What information must be provided?

• A copy of the organisation’s constitution, set of rules or equivalent.
• A copy of the organisation’s latest set of accounts, or if a new organisation, a projected budget for the project together with a bank/building society statement.
• A fully completed, signed and dated application form.

10. How do I apply for Emergency Andover Town Council Funding?

Application forms are available from Andover Town Council.
Please email:  info@andovertc.co.uk

If you need any help or assistance with your application, please contact the Town Council via the above email address or telephone number.
11. Audit and Review

This policy will be updated as necessary.
11. Document Information

Title: Emergency Funding Policy
Status: 1st Draft
Version: 23 March 2020
Consultation: Andover Town Council Internal Auditor
Approved by: Responsible Officer
Approval Date: 25 March 2020
Review Frequency: If change occurs
Next Review: End of Coronavirus Crisis (to be determined)
12. Document Control

Date Version Description Sections Affected Approved by
March 2020 1 1st Draft All Responsible Officer

A printed version may not be the current version.
A current version may be obtained in the required format from the Town Clerk’s Office at Andover Town Council.