Planning Observations to be considered Monday 6 July 2020

Date: 30th June, 2020

Due to the extraordinary measures being taken during the Coronavirus outbreak, the Town Clerk has delegated authority to make observations on Planning Applications on behalf of the Andover Town Council, which will be sent to the Planning Authority (Test Valley Borough Council) within the statutory time limits.

To make observations on the Andover Town Planning Applications included on Test Valley Borough Council weekly Lists of 24, 25 & 26.
List 26 has not been published at the time of going to print. Once available it can be viewed at

6.1 – 20/01263/FULLN – 15.06.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (HARROWAY)
Single storey rear extension, to provide additional living space, following demolition of existing conservatory:
15 Ward Close, Andover, Hampshire

6.2 - 20/01303/TPON – 16.06.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (MILLWAY)
Reduction of Beech tree by up to 2m over the north-facing side of the tree:
58 Ash Tree Road, Andover, SP10 3BY

6.3 - 20/01304/TPON – 17.06.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (MILLWAY)
Tree works as per submitted schedule:
Barnfield Rise, Cycleway Leyton Way to Rooksbury Road, Flint Close, Georgia Close, Leyton Way, Rooksbury Road, Andover, SP10 2UJ

6.4 - 20/01302/VARN – 17.06.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (HARROWAY)
Relaxation of requirements of condition 5 of TVN.04861/43 restricting the use of the garage to allow partial conversion of double garage to home office:
12 St Swithin Way, Andover, SP10 4NU

6.5 - 20/01308/FULLN – 18.06.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (HARROWAY)
Removal of existing 2m high timber boundary fence and replacing with 4m high acoustic timber fence:
Land at Gallaghers Mead and Monxton Road, Andover, Hampshire

6.6 - 20/01198/FULLN – 18.06.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (DOWNLANDS)
Erection of 113 dwellings, landscaping, car parking, erection of substation and pump station, and creation of 2 new accesses and associated works, following demolition of existing buildings:
Land at Picket Twenty, Picket Twenty, Andover

6.7 - 20/01324/FULLN – 22.06.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (WINTON)
Erection of two storey front porch and two storey rear extension, to provide additional living space, and render external walls:
32 Love Lane, Andover, SP10 2AB

6.8 - 20/01355/PDHN – 22.06.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (MILLWAY)
Notification of proposed works to a dwelling - Single storey rear extension (length from rear wall of original dwelling house, 6 metres, height 2.80 metres, height to eaves 2.40 metres):
95 The Crescent, Andover, Hampshire

6.9 - 20/01344/FULLN – 22.06.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (DOWNLANDS)
Erection of conservatory to rear:
2 Bridle Close, Andover, SP11 6WZ

7.0 - 20/01341/FULLN – 23.06.2020 - ANDOVER TOWN (ROMANS)
Single storey rear extension to provide enlarged dining area:
48 Alder Road, Andover, SP11 6YZ

7.1 -20/01317/CLPN – 23.06.2020 - ANDOVER TOWN (WINTON)
Certificate of proposed lawful development for the removal of chimney, increase opening and insert bi-fold doors to rear, install window on 1st floor, and insert 2 x velux windows:
14 Croft Gardens, Andover, Hampshire

7.2 - 20/01364/TPON – 24.06.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (MILLWAY)
(T1) Copper Beech- Reduce canopy by 25%, crown raise to 5m and remove deadwood from canopy:
49 Bishops Way, Andover, Hampshire

7.3 - 20/01323/HCC3N - 17.06.2020 - ANDOVER TOWN (HARROWAY)
Installation of a single modular classroom building:
Portway Junior School, Upper Drove, Andover, Hampshire SP10 3NA

Variation of Condition 11 (Travel plan) of 17/00043/OUTN - (Erection of up to 61,369sqm of class B1C (Light Industrial), B2 (General Industrial), B8 (Storage and Distribution) business park buildings, access, servicing, parking and landscaping; access not reserved):
Plot 5, (Plot A1) Andover Business Park, Monxton Road, Andover

7.5 - 20/01356/FULLN – 25.06.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (HARROWAY)
Single storey rear extension to provide additional living space, following demolition of existing conservatory:
144 Weyhill Road, Andover, SP10 3BG

7.6 - 20/01177/FULLN – 25.06.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (WINTON)
Change of use with internal alterations to create a restaurant and one other separate business (A1) from the existing three units; install 2 external air conditioning units and extractor:
13 - 17 Bridge Street, Andover, Hampshire

7.7 - 20/01178/ADVN – 25.06.2020 - ANDOVER TOWN (WINTON)
Install fascia and projecting internally illuminated signs:
13 - 17 Bridge Street, Andover, Hampshire

7.8 - 20/01378/VARN – 29.06.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (MILLWAY)
Variation of condition 3 of application TVN.08220/1 (Erection of two storey rear/side extension to provide bedroom, extended bedroom, shower room and replacement garage) to make lawful the garage conversion to a habitable room:
81 Millway Road, Andover, Hampshire

7.9 – 20/01422/TPON - 29.06.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (MILLWAY)
Common Ash - Crown Raise up to 5m (Taking no more than 100mm in diameter off branches)
Currently the tree is very low over the garden, at the lowest point it is only 3M above. Currently there is quite a lot of dead wood coming off the tree, and we are worried for our 5-year-old playing in the garden due to lots of debris on the grass and in case any dead wood were to fall. There is also a lot of shading, which is causing the grass to die and during rainy periods a lot of rain falls towards to the house.
We have spoken to the neighbour at Winterdyne Mews, and he is happy for any work to be carried out to the tree:
3 Denning Mead And 21 Winterdyne Mews, Andover, SP10 3LG

8.0 - 20/01441/TPON – 30.06.2020 - ANDOVER TOWN (WINTON)
Ash (T1) - Reduce crown by 2 to 2.5 metres to suitable secondary growth points leaving an approximate height of 14 meters and an approximate limb length of 4 to 4.5 metres:
34 Newcomb Close, Andover, SP10 2HT