Finance and Accounts of the Town Council. This page contains information about the Town Councils Budgets, Annual Returns and Accounts.


Andover Town Council has grants available to assist community organisations located and working in Andover (currently a total of £1,000). Local and Community Organisations may apply for a share of the £1,000 here.

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The Town Councils Budgets. In order for the Town Council to operate during the coming financial year, the Council must set a Budget for the costs it expects to incur.

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Annual Returns

The Annual Returns. The Annual Return is the statement of Accounts at the end of the Town Councils financial year. This is the legal document that is submitted to and signed off by the Town Councils External Auditor.

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Annual Reports

Annual Reports of the Town Council. Each year the Town Council holds an Annual Electors Meeting. This is the chance for members of the public to find out what the Town Council has been doing over the previous year and its intentions for the following year. The Annual Report is a summary of the work completed.

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From July 2016 the Town Council is required to publish its Expenditure each year. The Council Financial Year runs from 1st April to 31 March.

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Internal Audit Reports

From July 2016 the Town Council is required to publish the Internal Auditors Report. The Internal Audit is usually carried out in May or June for the previous financial year.

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