Improvements to our Community

Date: 15th January, 2016

Andover Town Council is happy to announce its intentions to bring significant improvements to our community and the resources we access.

In addition to giving the town a voice, providing the Christmas lights, organising events to mark the Centenary of World War I, the Council plans to invest in various community projects throughout the year including supporting our Youth Council in putting on A-Fest, funding Defibrillators for Andover High Street, and helping to launch the Andover Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme. All of the Andover Town Councillors give their time as volunteers, the only level of local government to receive no pay.
Andover Town Council is responsible for all allotment sites in Andover, many of which need a great deal of remedial work in order to bring them back up to the standard our residents deserve.  Council policy is that where possible allotment holders bear the cost, however much remedial work has had to be done due to safety and environmental issues which had not been previously addressed, and has led to the Council having to draw on its reserves. All fees collected from allotment holders go directly into covering costs and improving the sites, and we intend to carry this on in 2016.  This will ensure that all necessary safety work and maintenance can be carried out to the required standards. Many of these are one off costs relating to health and safety obligations
The Council is legally required to hold reserves of funding to cover both running costs and expenses such as financing elections, dealing with any emergencies on the allotments, or with the Christmas Lights.  Currently this reserve is not substantial enough to cover such costs and the Council is working to remedy this. 
In order to meet commitments to both financial stability and benefiting the community, the council will be increasing the precept to £20.03 for a Band D Equivalent home. This will mean an increase of 78p per month.  Andover’s precept is currently set at just £10.58 for a Band D Equivalent property. This is the lowest precept in Test Valley and will continue to be vastly smaller than the national average of £54.12.
Andover Town Council is committed to developing the town and its resources.  We are working for you to raise the profile of our town and truly make Andover somewhere we all feel proud to live