Youth Council - A Call For Ideas

Date: 25th April, 2012

Since its formation, Andover Town Council has been determined to form a Youth Council. This has been identified as a major part of the Town Council's 5 year development plan. Giving young people of Andover a voice, enabling them to play an important part in the future of the Town and its development has a clear priority.

The Youth Council development team, comprising of Councillors Geoff McBride (Vice Chairman of Andover Town Council) and Andy Fitchet are responsible for taking the project forward.

“The young people of Andover are by far the best qualified to identify youth related issues. By forming and supporting a Youth Council we will help them make a difference”. Geoff McBride went on to say; “with all his experience and enthusiasm working with young people, Andy Fitchet will make sure that the new Youth Council gets off to the very best start”.

The Town Council is asking residents and young people of Andover to bring forward their own ideas for a Youth Council. If you have any ideas, we want to hear from you.

Please send your ideas to the Town Council, briefly answering the following four questions:-

1. What would a Youth Council do?
2. How would the Youth Council be formed?
3. How would the Youth Council identify Andover youth related issues?
4. How should the Youth Council work?

Send your ideas to by 1st June 2012.