2023’s ‘Weird Vegetable Competition’ Winner announced!

Date: 26th October, 2023

At our Allotments Committee meeting (Wednesday 25th October) Chairman of the committee, Councillor Kevin Hughes, had the pleasure of awarding trophies to this year’s competition winner.

The entries for this years Weird Vegetable competition have been weird, wonderful and wonky!

Capturing peoples imaginations and giving the Allotments Team a great deal of entertainment judging the entries.

Thank you to those who entered, we can reveal the Winner is Victoria Thorp who cultivated this cheeky carrot!!

Andover Town Council also want to give a special shout out for the runners up:

A very impressive Parsnip, which we thought looked like a prop from a Harry Potter film.
A Carrot which appears to be showing off it’s impressive biceps!

Councillor K Hughes, reminded everyone present that he competitions are held annually, and that it was so encouraging to see tenants taking part and obviously enjoying using their allotments.