Allotment Scarecrow Competition Winners!!

Date: 29th September, 2023

Who were crowned Scarecrow Competition Winners this year.........?!

Every year, Andover Town Council Allotments team judge the prestigious Scarecrow Competition!!

2023 was superbly ‘scary’ and the Officers involved were blown away with the effort and creativity shown by participants.

It is never easy to judge between such brilliant Scarecrows, this year was no different.

We can proudly present the winning Scarecrows were from James from Vigo Road Allotments & The children from Icknield School at The Drove site (childrens category).

James created a very handy helper, who as you can see was watering his plants on the plot!
The children at Icknield School created The Hungry Caterpillar which you can see is absolutely brilliant, they have done such a wonderful job and we think the Caterpillar looks pretty happy too.