Andover Town Council actively considering purchasing land

Date: 24th November, 2023

Andover Town Council is actively considering buying land at Picket Piece with a view to creating more sport and/or recreation facilities for the benefit of Andover residents.

The developers have successfully gained planning permission to build 16 homes.

The land, part of the Locksbridge Park development, was initially reserved for a junior sports pitch, but this was not delivered, and the Town Council is proposing to purchase it to ensure it remains a community asset.
To meet the cost, Andover Town Council is investigating government funding targeted at investing in assets which are at risk of being lost to the local community. It is Andover Town Council’s intention to apply for further grants in addition to this government funding.
Andover Town Council will consult with residents on how best to use the open space before applying for the government funding.

The Town Clerk said: ‘Andover Town Council is keen to explore central government funding opportunities to support community spaces that meet the long term needs of local residents.’