Andover Town Councillor visits 11th Andover Cubs – 3/7/24

Date: 8th July, 2024

On Wednesday 3rd July, Councillor Mark Farren of the Millway Ward represented the Town Mayor, Councillor Heather Neate, and the Andover Town Council during a visit to the 11th Andover Cubs, at St. Michael’s Church.

The Cubs, aged 8 to 10 and a half, were completing the first part of their ‘Local Knowledge’ badges and needed to speak to somebody who has lived in Andover for a long time to learn about some of the changes that have happened to the town. Councillor Farren, formerly of the 16th Andover cubs, was also able to talk about how councillors can help in their communities and to talk about some of the history of the Town Crest.

The Mayor of Andover, Councillor Heather Neate said “This is a wonderful example of the Town Council genuinely engaging with the people and helping the Cubs to continue their development and get a badge”.

Cub Leader, John Asslinger-Molner said of the visit, “Councillor Farren had prepared some great local facts, and gave a fascinating insight to how the Councillor role supports the Cubs’ local community. He also shared some first-hand experience of how Andover has changed over his lifetime. The Cubs engaged and enthused enough to create their own coat of arms to convey what the town means to them.”