Planning Observations to be considered Tuesday 26 May 2020

Date: 19th May, 2020

Due to the extraordinary measures being taken during the Coronavirus outbreak, the Town Clerk has delegated authority to make observations on Planning Applications on behalf of the Andover Town Council, which will be sent to the Planning Authority (Test Valley Borough Council) within the statutory time limits.

To make observations on the Andover Town Planning Applications included on Test Valley Borough Council weekly Lists of 18, 19 & 20.
List 20 has not been published at the time of going to print. Once available it can be viewed at

6.1 – 20/00933/VARN – 04.05.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (ST MARYS)
Variation of condition 04 of 16/00960/VARN to extend permitted delivery hours and re-wording of condition to “No deliveries shall be taken at or dispatched from the site, outside the hours of 0700 and 2400 Monday to Saturday and 0800 to 2000 on Sundays, Bank or Public Holidays”:
Lidl Great Britain Ltd, Western Avenue, Andover

6.2 – 20/00939/FULLN – 05.05.2020 – ANDOVER TOWN (MILLWAY)
Single storey extension to extend and re-configure internal layout; extended raised terrace to rear and new boundary fence:
22 Cross Lane, Andover, SP10 3JE

6.3 - 20/00852/FULLN - 27.04.2020 - ANDOVER TOWN (HARROWAY)
Erection of hobby room, and replace shed:
1 Rune Drive, Andover, SP10 4NH

6.4 - 20/00887/FULLN - 28.04.2020 - ANDOVER TOWN (ROMANS)
Construct earth bund along the southern boundary 2.4m in height:
Land Adjacent Railway, Within Secondary School Site at East Anton, Andover, Hampshire

6.5 - 20/00944/FULLN – 06.05.2020 - ANDOVER TOWN (MILLWAY)
Retention of glazed rear canopy and boundary fences, upgrade and repair work to garden building to include infilling original covered terrace area, SW cladding to walls, flat roof covering and installation of glazed lantern to roof to form garden room (retrospective):
24 Cross Lane, Andover, SP10 3JE

6.6 - 20/00955/TPON – 11.05.2020 - ANDOVER TOWN (ST MARYS)
Tree works as per submitted schedule:
5 Tyrells Croft, Andover, SP10 2PD

6.7 - 20/00965/TPON – 11.05.2020 - ANDOVER TOWN (MILLWAY)
1 No Robinia - Crown reduce by up to 2 metres and crown lift as indicated on photograph:
Albany House, 29 The Avenue, Andover

6.8 – 20/01013/FULLN - 18.05.2020 - ANDOVER TOWN (MILLWAY)
Erection of single storey extension following demolition of existing conservatory:
3 Ash Tree Road, Andover, SP10 3BY

6.9 - 20/00867/FULLN – 18.05.2020 - ANDOVER TOWN (ROMANS)
Installation of swales, bunds, bollards and knee rail fencing:
Landscape Area I (East Anton) Off, Smannell Road, Andover


7.0 - 20/00962/PDHN - 07.05.2020 - ANDOVER TOWN (MILLWAY)
Notification of proposed works to a dwelling - Single storey rear extension (length from rear wall of original dwelling house (6 metres, height 2.80 metres, height to eaves 2.35 metres):
95 The Crescent, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3BJ