Andover Town Council applies for designation of Neighbourhood Planning Area.

Date: 22nd April, 2014

Andover Town Council has applied to Test Valley Borough Council to designate the parish of Andover for a proposed Neighbourhood Plan. This will allow residents in Andover to be able to lead, shape and influence the decisions that affect where they live.

This is one facility that The Localism Act 2011 provided, so local communities could have a greater say.
As part of this process Test Valley Borough Council will be holding a public consultation over a period of six weeks commencing 2nd May and finishing on Friday 13th June 2013 to establish if the boundaries of the designated area are appropriate.  Once this consultation process is complete the designated area can be approved.
The principle of neighbourhood planning encourages local communities to preserve and enhance the natural and built environment and may help create opportunities for homes and employment.  Having a Neighbourhood Plan in place may not stop development but it can ensure that any development is in line with the wishes of the community and is sympathetic to local needs.
The whole community needs to be involved in the Neighbourhood Plan.  The initial steering group is planning to hold a series of public meetings at various times in the day to enable individuals, businesses and groups to be consulted.  This will be your chance to have your say.  The initial steering group will need to be increased and will be seeking volunteers to act as facilitators, to undertake key tasks and people who can provide assistance as and when needed so that when the Plan is ready for examination there will be provable evidence to reflect the particular themes of the Plan.
Within the next two weeks the initial Steering Group will issue a further Press Release setting out details of the website, Facebook and Twitter pages.
For further information please contact the Town Clerk via email at: